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Chechia Makes you Happy

The Tunisian Hat

Chechia has traveled for you all over the world !

How do we usually live like locals? By travelling like locals? by hanging around with locals? Or by trying out different food and tastes? Or maybe by listening to local sensational music which was born in the soul of that country?
All of this sounds cool but let us try something new! Something you can physically and morally embrace! How about trying out one of the most culture expressive clothes?
Something which is really symbolic, traditional yet chic and trendy!
Something like Chechia!
You might be wondering what is this? and what is the symbolic part of it? Keep reading, you will be amazed!
Chechia is flat-surfaced, traditional red woollen hat which could be wore by men and women. It will immediately give you the feeling of living in ancient centuries in the very heart of Tunisian culture.
This national hat has become a Tunisian trademark, among the symbols of the country’s rich heritage.
When and where it was originally born? It is believed that the chechia originated in Uzbekistan. In the 8th century, the small hat travelled to the Iraqi capital Baghdad and arrived on Tunisian soil in the 13th century.
Despite the decreased demand on it, it is still a living proof of the sense of fashion our beloved ancients had once upon a time. Therefore, efforts are gathered to restore this beautiful heritage!
Chechia is not only offering you the taste of Tunisia but it will also makes you pretty, keeps your head warm and makes you look smart ? as you really are (well, we hope ? )
Impressed? Then keep Calm and Wear a Chechia!


Handmade Chechia : Best Quality !

Buy our chechia in order to financially help our association and wear the best hat in the world.

Price of the traditional and handmade quality is 19 euros.

click on the link below if you want to order your hat 🙂

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